In your essay tell about what have you your biggest commitment right there’s no way you guys are F is successfully without you can be committed to something without demonstrating impact what is impact it’s like having it’s like leadership really it’s you know impact as part of you know the footprints that you leave behind right and to do that you’ve bled whether you did it with people you didn’t sue ideas it did it through you know creativity however way you did it right if you can showcase your leadership when dealing with an essay that’s very open-ended like that same thing with the Harvard essay but then let’s look at an opposite kind of essay so in school you know school like Kellogg schools like talk they you know they have very specific question.

When they ask you about leadership you know talk asked about like you know wise leadership you know that’s sort of how they frame it you know um Kellogg is asking here and Kellogg I I really like their question because you know they leave they’ve giving you a blueprint of what they’re looking for and some schools actually do a really good job of helping applicants to figure out what they are looking for Kellogg tells you this is a leadership essay Cal excels you we value teamwork write an integral part of you know the Kellogg experience who we are then they tell you they want a recent example so and you should just assume that most schools what reason exactly just write find recent examples don’t go back ten twelve fifteen years unless it’s like some extenuating circumstance for most people it wouldn’t work so find a recent example the past two to three years find meaningful you know like make sure example is meaningful arm to you and then make sure you highlight the lead it the challenges you faced in a while taking on that leadership role and it’s a balance it can all be about how you lead are you pounding your chest and how you sort of came out with the idea and did everything yourself.

It’s got a balance I and we very very important so it’s not iiiii but if I came out with this I did this and then we did this together and we and so these a good balance it’s very important okay and then no don’t lose sight of the last part of the question which is what did you learn right and they’re looking for insight I shared this in my book the best Business School Admission secrets where I talk about how admissions people look at the the fact of the P I call it the pjii factor they look for passion they look for God to look for impact to look for insights as self-awareness what did you learn right so was of the of the essays so with Kellogg they’re very explicit about leadership and what they’re looking for so that’s very very important.