Writing is not an exact science because writing is so fluid it changes and it’s so subjective that sometimes rules are made to be broken but there there are some especially for beginning writers general rules of thumb that can really help you start and finish your essays so I’m gonna look at the major elements of an essay and I’m sure you you’ve heard these at least in passing but we’re going to go over them and kind of you know what the what the different parts are meant to do what they can do and and kind of what kind of shape they have so the introduction there are many different ways you can do an introduction like I said you can start it like you can think about starting at the end which is it incredibly attention-grabbing maybe even starting in the middle of a scene which is also attention-grabbing. Learn how to use humor correctly with Edusson.

So the first and foremost this is the first thing that your reader is going to encounter of your writing so you want to make it interesting enough to pull them in since you also want to be informative sometimes sometimes especially in the later essays that we write sa-2 and sa-3 you may not have room to be as attention-grabbing and you know humorous or maybe even emotional and it you have to be a little more informative so the introduction would be informative attention-grabbing tone setting what I mean by that is the introduction as being the first thing that people read of your essay will set the tone so if your introduction is funny then people expect to the rest of the essay to be funny if it isn’t funny then you know I mean the rest of the essay isn’t funny but the introduction is funny it kind of sets it off balance.

So you have to think about what kind of tone you are setting in the beginning of your essay because that will you know that will dictate the rest of the essay and what people expect of it so you really want to think about what kind of tone you’re setting so the another thing that the introduction does is it can be an overview of of the entire essay so when we when we get into the textual analysis and the research paper this is going to fit in much more with that you you want to give the reader a sense of what’s to come so your major ideas that you’re going to be covering in your essay now for the narrative you might not want to do this because it’s part of the you know joy of reading a narrative is to see it unfold and to be surprised by the different things that happen in it so thinking about that putting the overview of the entire essay and the thesis in your back pocket you kind of want to keep that you know that for the little eight the later essays.