Let`s talk about the general statement of your essay. I’ve shot that argument Internet and said why yes some people believe that humans will never have the intellect or the consciousness to be doctors or teachers or whatever but then I’ve said ah but they don’t understand the computer capacity is increasing at such a rapid pace so I’ve mentioned that argument but I’ve destroyed that argument and that’s what you want to do I’ll leave you to write paragraph two in your own time for now I just want to move on to the conclusion because we’ve got five minutes left in our essay tick tick tick so how do we write that conclusion while conclusion sentence one is well we’ve already done this so that’s cool.

We have to do it a little bit differently but we know what we’re doing we were going to rewrite the general statement let’s have a look the general statement from the question prompt said artificially intelligent robots are increasingly taking human jobs now I said we’ve already done this we did this in our introduction remember it was the first sentence of our college essay help nz and I wrote human employment is continuously decreasing as a result of artificially intelligent robots okay so so we need to rewrite this again but we don’t want to write it the same as our introductions in our introductory sentence we want to write it in another way we want it to mean exactly the same thing but just write it in different words so we need to write it in different words and different words to our introduction so my conclusion.

The first sentence says artificial intelligence is rapidly taking over the human workforce let’s read this to make sure it says the same thing artificially intelligent robots are increasingly taking human jobs let’s just double check artificial intelligence is rapidly taking over the human workforce those two sentences mean the same thing yes are they written in different words yes have I gone off topic if I said something that’s that’s not in here one thing that I big problem that I see is that people try to make this more complex than it needs to be for example people all you need to do is rewrite that in other words to mean the same thing the problem I see is people rewrite that and it means something different and that’s not good avoid that for example somebody might write all this says is robots are taking human jobs and somebody might write something like artificial intelligence is becoming smarter and smarter.

Well no I mean yes but it’s about human jobs it’s about taking human jobs it’s not about increasing intelligence here or somebody might write that artificially intelligent robots are begin are used for driverless cars it’s like well now keep it simple keep it simple all you’re doing all you’re doing is rewriting this sentence so that’s what I want you to do now let’s rewrite this sentence in your own words to capture the exact same meaning but make sure it’s different from your introductory sentence you have one minute you all right all right all right that’s cool.